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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Ten
~ Ultrasound Results

My OB didn't have my ultrasound report as of Friday afternoon. I was a little frustrated but told myself that if the results were bad they would have been quicker to get me the news . . . at least that made me feel better in the mean time. I knew the report was done because my sister works in the Medical Transcription Department at the hospital. She told me that the report was done. I tried to quiz her about it, but she's not suppose to tell. UGH! I figured she could at least say, ""'m not suppose to tell you, but it looks fine." She did tell me the baby had a heart rate of 176 beats per minute. Basically she told me nothing!

On Monday afternoon I finally got some info! But, not after a little more stress and worry. When I called (because they still hadn't called me), they couldn't find my file! They were going to call me right back, but didn't! After an hour or so I called again and spoke with the nurse. My file had been on the doctor's desk for her to review. Anyway, everything is fine, as far as they can tell. The ultrasound tech really didn't get any good pictures, but they did move my due date up a couple of days. They did that when I was pregnant with Chaynee, and she still came on her original due date. Because the ultrasound was early, I'll have another one around 18 - 20 weeks. HURRAY! I was kind of expecting that, but it's nice to know for sure.

We told our families. I'm already gaining weight, and my clothes don't fit. I told James that we should tell and he thought we should just let everyone wonder why I was putting on weight. He thought it would be funny. Funny for him! He wouldn't be the one they were talking about! He said, "Let's just see if they notice." I said, "Of course they'll notice, but they won't say anything! They'll just talk about me when I'm not in the room!". Anyway, when I told my Dad he said, "I noticed you were getting a little poochy, but I wasn't going to say anything." See, exactly what I thought!!

I thought I was feeling a little less tired but that only lasted for a day or two. When evening comes I'm still wiped out. Thank goodness James is such a sweetie. He's been bathing Chaynee and putting her to bed for me. I'm having a small party for "moms" tonight, I hope I'm not a party pooper!

I'd better update you on the toilet paper scale! This morning I am only 7-1/2 squares. I'm shrinking? Doubtfully! Just depends on the time of day I suppose. By this evening I will easily be 8 squares!

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