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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Fifteen
~ Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Wow, it's already here. I just can't believe it. I'm getting a bit nervous because the year is ending, and I have so much work to do! Work wise, this is an awful time of the year! Taxes, etc. Yuck!

I've been feeling great lately. Tiredness is gone for the most part, although I do still have my moments. We've got so much going on for the next several nights, I'm definitely going to be needing naps!

My next OB appointment is on the 30th. I may wait and post my journal entry a day or so late next week, just so I can give you an update. I was right about it coming quickly, due to the holidays. It's almost here!

I've getting pretty big, as I told you last week. People who don't see me on a daily basis are a bit surprised when they see my tummy. It will be like it was with Chaynee. No one will believe that I'm not due until June, and if so, they'll be positive I'm having twins and one was just hiding during the ultrasound. Ha Ha

Here's my latest toilet paper update . . . I'm at almost 8 squares. Wow, I thought I was so much bigger! I bet I measured 10 last night, I was so bloated.

This is short and sweet this week, not much is happening, but I'm feeling pretty good. I'll update you again next week!

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