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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Twenty-Three
~ Moving, moving, moving . . .

I've been having some cramping this morning, as well as last night. I'm not really alarmed, just uncomfortable. I think I'll grab a nap while Chaynee is sleeping today. That was what the OB suggested last time, as long as there was no bleeding. Resting sounds wonderful!

James and I went out of town this weekend, without Chaynee. We had a nice time, and she didn't miss us at all! I suppose that's a good thing. Better than her crying until we got home. It was strange not having her with us, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it!

Next week is my OB appointment. I'll have my Glucola test and the basic weigh and measure (YIKES!). I think my tummy looks big, but my bottom looks bigger! I'll just quit turning sideways in the mirror.

The baby is moving a lot. He/she seems to have put themselves on a schedule. I notice he/she moves around the same times each day. I didn't notice that with Chaynee, but maybe I'm more scheduled now. I notice when I wake up, at nap time, bed time, etc.

I'd better give you my TP update . . . I just had lunch, so I've got a full tummy. I'm 8-1/2 squares! I pulled 10 off of the roll just to be safe!

I'm off, I'll update you a little late next week, after my appointment on the 24th!

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