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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Twenty-Four
~ Everything Is Going Great!

I just got home from my check-up. I had my glucola test today; yucky stuff! But, it turned out fine. My blood sugar and iron are right where they should be. Thank goodness. It's hard for me to take two iron tablets a day because of all of the foods not to take them with. I usually only get in one a day, but it looks like one is working for me.

The baby's heartbeat was between 140 and 150 today, right where it should be. And of course, after drinking that sugary, glucola, drink the baby was very active!

My OB thought I was doing extremely well, so she scheduled my next visit four weeks from now. She said we could start every two weeks, it was up to me. Since everything is going well, I'm going to wait four more weeks. Then we'll start the every two week schedule.

I'm afraid I'm going to outgrow a lot of my maternity clothes before June rolls around. Sigh . . . But as long as the baby is doing well, I really have nothing to complain about. My weight is right on the same track it was when I was pregnant with Chaynee. I'm a creature of habit!

I'm going to skip the t.p. measurement this week, I'll do it for you next week.

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