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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Twenty-Five
~ How many squares?

Things are moving right along! I feel great, although still feeling big. I've been asked several times lately if I'm having twins . . . Sigh. I'm thrilled that our baby appears healthy, but the Mommy is eating like a pig! Oink Oink!

I'm outgrowing some of my maternity clothes! I've gained almost 30 pounds already, so you can imagine why people think I might be due before June. "JUNE?!" is the most common response. Then there are the few sweethearts who say, "You don't look like you've gained 30 pounds." Gotta love 'em!

I can't wear my wedding ring anymore. I've got my engagement ring on; it's a very thin band, but I may have to take it off soon (if I can, it's pretty snug!). With Chaynee I had to go out and buy a 'substitute' ring at JCPenney. Nothing expensive . . . the $20 range. And then I even had to buy another even bigger! So, I'm all set in the ring department. I like wearing one so I don't feel naked.

I'm coming down with a cold, and Tylenol just doesn't do much for me. My OB gave me a list of 'safe' medications, but I don't feel bad enough to take any of them. Hopefully I will recover quickly and not have to worry about it. Chaynee, however, woke up with a fever in the night. She's run down, feverish and a bit crabby today. I definitely don't want what she's got!

I have to tell you a cute story. Last night we put her in our bed because she was sick (and because I was tired of running up and down the stairs each time she cried). She put her feet on her Daddy's bare back and said, "Daddy's cold, he needs some clothes on (he had on his underwear)." I told her he was fine, he didn't sleep in jammies like she does, and the blankets were keeping him warm. In the morning she woke when she heard James driving off (he's got a diesel pickup, so it's loud). She cried, "Where's my Daddy?". I told her that he had gone to work. She got even more upset and through tears said, "He can't go to work, he's naked." I had to laugh! I explained that Daddy had taken a shower and got dressed, so it was okay. Simple enough. She went back to sleep. Kids are so funny!

James and I and another couple are off to Las Vegas this weekend. The guys are going to Nascar, us girls are going to relax, shop, eat, gamble, etc. We're leaving Chaynee again with Grandma and Grandpa. She loves it there. I'm sure that I've mentioned how she didn't miss us at all the last time we left her. I'm thankful for that. If she cried and was upset we definitely wouldn't enjoy ourselves, and probably wouldn't even go. Anyway, this will probably be our last trip without babies for a while. I nursed Chaynee until she was 15 months and plan on doing the same again.

For those of you who've been emailing me, forgive me for being so slow to respond. I finally got all of my tax stuff off to the accountant today and I feel sooooo relieved! What a burden that was! I still have plenty to do, but I feel like I deserve some sort of reward for finally getting one big thing out of the way! Whew!

Here's my toilet paper update . . . It's after lunch. OH MY GOSH! I'm 10 squares! What a growth spurt I've had! How about it ladies? Anyone else due in June?

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