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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Twenty-Six
~ Vegas Baby! Yeah!

Back from Las Vegas feeling a bit worn out! Whew! We left early Saturday morning and when we got there that afternoon, we didn't even pause to rest. We went to see all of the new casinos, so we did a lot of walking. We had tickets to a show that evening and almost had to run down the strip to make it on time! My legs were so sore the next day. I'm really out of shape! Not to mention that I had on really dumb shoes for all that walking. Sunday it rained so the guys didn't have too great of a day at the races. We girls took it easy, but still never rested! We'd had a bad night of sleep because of the storm. It was so windy that no one slept good at all. We all looked pretty bad by Sunday evening! Monday morning we were able to sleep in, finally! And James and I ran again all day. By that evening I thought I was going to put myself in to premature labor! My entire body ached! We were headed back to the car and James kept asking me if I wanted to stop. All I could think of was getting to the car and being out of my misery! Basically it was an exhausting weekend, but I really enjoyed it! I think after tonight I'll be completely recovered!

Other than my overdoing it this weekend, my pregnancy is going great. This baby is so busy! We're at the stage where your entire tummy shifts when the baby moves. Chaynee always misses it though. I think by the time I get her there to feel it, the baby calms down, or hears her and stops. Sometimes Chaynee will come up and put her hand on my tummy and say, "I want to feel your tummy". It's cute, but she's got no idea what she's 'feeling' yet.

James and I discussed names while we were driving, and we've got them picked. He's good at procrastinating (aren't we all?) so the car was a good place to discuss names. I know that I've said we don't tell the names we pick, but I will tell you this much. If it's a boy, his first name will be James. But, we don't plan on calling him by his first name. We'll call him by his middle name, and for now, that's a secret. Can't tell you the girl names either. Sorry!

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