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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Twenty-Seven
~ Standing Still

This week I feel as if time is standing still. I'm getting anxious and know that I still have three months left to go! It was warm enough yesterday to wear shorts. It felt so nice! I was happy to be able to vary my wardrobe slightly. I'm feeling stagnant! Same clothes and looking like I'm due any day now . . .

I've been feeling really good. The last couple of nights I've been tired though. I'm not ready for the next 'tired' stage. Hopefully I'm still just recovering from my trip.

Next week is my 28 week appointment. I don't have any major milestones in my checkups anymore. We've done all of the tests that are necessary, so now we just weigh and measure. And that is a good thing!! No worries now, and hopefully things will stay on that course. After my visit next week I'll be on the two week checkup schedule. And then soon the one week schedule and then the baby will be here! Okay, I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

I don't know if I've mentioned before that James races Modifieds on the weekends. Well, racing starts April 1st and takes up every Saturday night until late September. We just love it, and James hates to miss a race. Anyway, we've got two weddings and a family reunion to attend this summer, each on a Saturday night. James feels like he's making a huge sacrifice each time he misses (like I said, he just loves racing!) and I kind of hate to miss them too. Okay, I'm babbling. We were joking the other night about what day the baby may come, and if it will interfere with racing. If the baby comes on a Saturday, as long as it's early enough in the day, I bet he'll go racing. But, we can only wait and see!

How about a tp measurement? It's morning, so I haven't totally stuffed myself yet - I'm 10 squares! All I can think of is the Barney song - "Growing...we do it every day..."!

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