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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Twenty-Nine
~ Pregnant Brain

I've definitely got 'pregnant brain'. Last week I took Chaynee to her dad at work so that I could go to my OB appointment. I took lunch for all the guys, etc. As I was driving out of the parking lot I glanced at my appointment card are saw that my appointment wasn't until the next day! James laughed at me, but at least I didn't miss it! And Chaynee got to go to work with Daddy two days in a row!

So, at my appointment on Friday everything was just fine! I've gained another 9+ pounds just like I had thought. I'm up to 158 now. UGH! No wonder I feel tired, that's 40 pounds! And no wonder people think I'm about to deliver! My next appointment is on the 6th (yes, I double checked) so I'm going every two weeks now. I'm glad; it seems to make the time go by more quickly. And in another couple of weeks I'll be in the single digits (9 weeks to go). I'm getting very excited! I've been having these feelings lately that it's a boy. But who knows. For a long time I thought it was another girl.

And, I went to my first hypnotherapy session on Monday. Wow! I think it's going to work for me! I'll be honest. I don't think it's for everyone, but I think I'm going to be able to comfort myself quite a bit during labor. She did a test on one hand. She had me 'relaxing', etc. and she did what is called 'glove anesthesia'. She put the 'anesthesia' on my hand with three touches. Then she pinched the skin on the back of my hand and asked me how it felt (my eyes are closed during all of this). I could feel it, but it definitely wasn't something that was painful. She then took my other hand and pinched the top of it. OUCH! I was amazed at the difference. Now, how do I know how much pressure she put in the pinches? My 'anesthetized' hand had a huge red mark on it and the other hand didn't have anything. She pinched much harder on the first hand. It was so COOL (for lack of a better word)! Of course we did a lot more, but that was our beginning. I've got to go to 3 or 4 more sessions to improve on hypnotizing myself. I'm suppose to practice 'anesthetizing' different parts of my body and then pinching to see how badly it hurts. Maybe I'll just poke myself with a pin? Again, it may not work for everyone; you definitely have to have an open mind, and believe in the mind/body connection. I'm anxious to see how things go when I'm in labor!

It's time for a toilet paper update! It's evening so I'm at my biggest! I'm 9-1/2 squares! I know I'm not shrinking! Maybe I'm just bad at measuring!

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