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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Thirty-one
~ Getting Bigger

Nine weeks to go! I'm getting so excited!

I don't have a whole lot to tell you this week. I'm getting anxious, and bigger by the minute!

I'm starting to get tired again. I love this time change because our evenings seem to go by more quickly, but I think I'm going to have to start taking a little cat nap when Chaynee naps. I'm probably tired because I'm getting up all night long to potty! It's a vicious cycle. I take a BIG glass of water to bed because I always wake up thirsty. So, potty, drink water, potty, drink water . . . time to get up!

I have a cute story about Chaynee. I have a tattoo near my bikini area. It's two little paw prints (actually one is much bigger now). One morning Chaynee, who has made it known that dad looks different than mom (when naked), said, "Mom, look at your bottom!" Since I look different than Chaynee, I said, "yes, I know...", hoping to get my robe on and distract her. "No mom, look at your bottom." "Yes, Chaynee, I know..." Still thinking she was pointing out our 'differences', I quickly put on my robe. "But mom, you have Blues Clues on you!!". I burst out laughing! It was so funny I had to call James and everyone else to tell them about it.

Oh, and for the record, once Chaynee 'noticed' that dad was different, he's made a point to be dressed in front of her. We told her that he has a boy bottom and she has a girl bottom. Enough to satisfy her.

I've got another hypnotherapy session tomorrow. A friend asked my husband, "What made Natalie think of hypnotherapy?". All James could answer was, "The pain." I suppose there is a lot of truth to that!

So, between OB appointments, hypnotherapy, and James racing on the weekends time seems to be flying by!

I thought I would give you our new baby's initials and let you guess, if you want, as to what the name might be. I already told you that if it's a boy his first name will be James, but we'll call him by his middle name. It starts with a B. If it is a girl, her initials will be T.O. Have fun!

Here's my t.p. measurement: 9-3/4 squares! I think a more accurate measurement of my growth would have been for me to keep track of my thighs!

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