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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Thirty-two
~ Dreamweaver

Eight weeks to go! I think that sounds better that two months.... I'm getting very excited!

The last few nights I have been dreaming about labor. Strange dreams, really. Labor starts, then stops. People I know (who aren't pregnant) are in labor and I'm not, etc. Must be anxiety! I'm just praying that my hypnotherapy helps me!

I've also noticed that my pelvic area is achy. Maybe the baby is turning? When I'm walking at the grocery store or in the parking lot I feel an ache. It's not painful, but I'm very aware of it. Another sign that it's getting closer!

Oh, and I'm so short of breath! I catch myself huffing and puffing while doing the simplest things! This baby is certainly pushing on my diaphragm!

I have another appointment on Friday. I'm going to take Chaynee with me this time. She's as aware as any 2-1/2 year old can be, but I thought she might like to hear the heartbeat. I'm sure once we do that I'll be her 'patient' on a daily basis. We've got a stethoscope here at home, so she'll be trying to listen to the baby's 'tart'.

Right now she just loves babies, so I'm hoping the arrival will go smoothly. I asked her if the baby could sleep in her crib (where she used to sleep) when it came and she told me "no". When I asked where the baby was going to sleep, she told me, "in my room". She's definitely excited!

I'm going to save my t.p. measurement for another week. I'm curious to see how big I measure on Friday. I'll let you know!

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