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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Thirty-three
~ Getting Big

I can't believe how quickly it seems to be going now. When I was pregnant with Chaynee, these last few weeks seemed to creep by. Maybe it's because we are busy with our pool, racing, and work. Whatever the reason, I'm getting so anxious!

At my last OB visit, the doctor thought the baby might be head down. She also mentioned that he/she could still continue turning around for a few more weeks. I have no doubt the baby was head down then. I was feeling uncomfortable and achy. Now, I think he/she may have turned again because I'm feeling much more comfortable again. I have gained about 45 pounds, with 7 weeks to go I hope I don't go over my 'goal' of 60! ha ha . . .

At 30 weeks I was measuring 32, but at 32 weeks I only measured 33. So I don't think we'll be getting another ultrasound. I'm big, but not too big. I suppose it's my pre-pregnancy size that makes everyone think I'm HUGE. The other day I had a man tell me that I was really big. I explained to him (as I have to many others) that my daughter was a big baby and this probably was going to be a big baby too. He asked how big. When I told him 9 pounds he said, "Oh, that isn't so big." "What? 9 pounds is a big baby!" He thought about it for a few seconds and said, "Well, I guess that is 3 pounds more than my son weighed." Oh brother! That 3 pounds would be half of his son's body weight!

I'd better give you a TP update, I've fallen behind on that! I am not quite 10 squares, but very, very close!

My next appointment is on the 5th. Cinco de Mayo!!

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