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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Thirty-four
~ The countdown

The countdown!! Only 6 weeks (or less if I'm lucky) to go!

I've been feeling kind of puffy lately. I'm sure it's a combination of the weather warming up and the stage I'm at in my pregnancy.

We went to Las Vegas this weekend for a funeral, and I was so miserable when we were outside! Everyone had light sweaters for inside the Casinos, where it tends to be chilly. Not me! I thought it was wonderful. Needless to say, my outdoor time was extremely limited! I didn't do near as much walking as when we were there in March. I don't think I could have; I'm getting slow.....

I've already ordered envelopes for my baby announcements. I picked a card that has a selection for a boy or a girl. Now, if I get them all addressed before next month I'll be so proud of myself! I may procrastinate, thinking I've still got plenty of time!

My next OB appointment is Friday, the 5th. I'm going to talk to them about the baby coming a week or so early. I doubt they'll agree to it, but I'm only wondering because Chaynee was so big! I had an episiotomy and I tore (and had to use the vacuum) . . . UGH! I survived, obviously, but Chaynee was x-rayed on her first day in this world because they thought her collar bone might have been broken during delivery. So, sounds like reason enough for me to have this baby a bit early. I think I'm just dreaming though. My OB is pretty conservative and may just laugh at me!

While we were in Vegas I got the "Twins?" question so many times! This baby is just poking way out there! I'm a bit sway backed, so that doesn't help matters much. I've also had numerous people tell me that I am having a boy. Based on what, I don't really know. We'll just have to wait and see!

I'll let you know what my OB says next week!

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