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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Thirty-five
~ Getting Tired

I'm starting to add weeks onto my pregnancy. So much for time flying! I'm rushing myself and forgetting how many weeks I actually have left! This baby is robbing my brain of oxygen!

My OB visit went well. I'm measuring normal again. Must have something to do with the way the baby is positioned when they are measuring. Of course, I've had three different people measure me the last three times; it could be technique??

I talked about inducing a little early, hoping it would relieve some of the stress for me and the baby, assuming this baby is as big as Chaynee was. I didn't see an OB last time, but the nurse said that it was possible that they MAY induce if I'm dilated a little. I think she was just trying to be kind. I haven't gotten my hopes up yet. She told me to discuss it at my next visit with the OB. Soooo, maybe I'll know something next week (the 17th).

The baby still seems to be quite acrobatic for so late in the pregnancy. I was certain there wasn't much room left, but the other night my stomach did this huge ripple thing. Backflips? The head was down a few weeks ago, but right now I don't think he/she has settled in yet.

I'm getting tired again. It's that time. Today I actually took a nap with Chaynee. It was really nice. I was so worried that she would wake up before I was ready! I was too comfortable!

No TP update today. I'll get it next week.

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