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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Thirty-six
~ Frustrated

I can deliver any time now!! But, of course, I'm sure my body will wait until week 40 or so . . . sigh . . .

I had some pains a few nights ago that were very low. I thought maybe the baby was moving down, and I was right! Today my OB told me that the baby was head down. Ready to go!

I asked about having the baby early because of my experience with Chaynee, but I don't think I made much progress. I basically got the standard 36 week talk on when to go to the hospital, etc. I don't even think she was really listening to me. Oh well.

I told her that I measured normal with Chaynee, her weight was estimated at 7.5, and she weighed 9 pounds. Again, I don't think she really listened. She told me I measured normal, and that my baby probably weighed about 5-1/2 pounds right now. Now, I'm not a doctor, but I think she's way off! I guess I'm going to have to wait and see. I will be completely shocked if this baby weighs less than 8-1/2 to 9 pounds if I deliver on my due date.

It was a frustrating visit. She told me that if I was dilated at 38 weeks, and I measured big, they may induce me. Well, fat chance. I didn't measure big before! I felt like a broken record! I suppose they base everything on averages, but I really wanted her to just read my chart!

The baby has the hiccups right now, and so does Chaynee! It's kind of funny! When we went on our last trip to Vegas I told James that when I was pregnant with Chaynee she had the hiccups all of the time. This baby, however, never seems to have them. Well, since I said that he/she has had the hiccups several times. Must have heard me.

I'm going to go to my hypnotherapist one more time (maybe two) before delivery. She's been out of town and I'm feeling 'out of practice'. Hopefully I'll get in the groove and it will work wonders!

I'm not updating my toilet paper measurement simply because I'm too lazy to go in the other room and check! That's how I've been feeling lately - sluggish.

My appointments are every week now, so I'll have another update for you next week!

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