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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Thirty-seven
~ Anxious

I'm getting so anxious! I need to find something to keep me busy so that I'll not be so 'ready'! Actually, I have a lot to do before the baby comes, but I'm just not interested.

I saw my OB nurse today. She's still giving me hope regarding induction. Next week I see my regular OB and the nurse seems to think she will understand my situation and induce me if I'm dilated at all. Keep your fingers crossed!

I weigh today what I weighed at my last OB visit before I delivered Chaynee, so it's time! If I go three more weeks I'm sure to gain ten more pounds!

I've had some contractions in the last few days. Early, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I had 2-3 hours of contractions. They hurt, but not the 'real' thing. I wasn't too uncomfortable, but kept praying they would get stronger and more regular! No such luck, obviously. I had a few more last night, but nothing like Sunday.

It's a bit different this time around because I never had contractions (other than painless Braxton-Hicks) with Chaynee until I was actually in labor. This time around I'm not sure what to expect. I get excited when I have pain! Ha Ha

It's been unseasonably warm here these past few days. I must be freezing everyone at my house because every where else I go seems so HOT! I stopped by my mom's house today and she doesn't have her air hooked up yet. I know a lot of it is my pregnancy, but it was 90 degrees yesterday and today! UGH!

My next appointment is on Wednesday (the 31st) afternoon. I have to spend the next week hoping that I'm dilating! As well as hoping she'll want to 'go for it'!

I'll let you know!

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