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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Thirty-eight
~ Getting Close!

Oh my gosh! I had to wait for my appointment today before I could update you on what is going on . . .

I saw my favorite OB today, and she checked my cervix . . . which is a normal procedure at this stage of the game. I was hoping I would be dilated a little so that she might induce me. Well, I'm already 3 cm!! And my cervix is thinning!! I am so excited! I quickly went over wanting to be induced, because she told me I could go in to labor any time now. She said she really doubted that I would make it two more weeks. While she was checking me she went ahead and stripped my membranes too ~ to 'help' things along a bit. HURRAY!!

She measured my uterus and told me I was measuring a little big, but not 'huge'. Of course I still feel huge. I've lost site of my ankle bones because of swelling. Sigh . . . she estimated the baby to weigh 7 3/4 lbs. I'm still betting on a bigger baby. But, we can only wait and see.

We have a crazy week with work and activities so I'm sure the baby will come right in the middle of it all (or is that just wishful thinking?). My next OB appointment is on the 7th. Hopefully I won't have to go!

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