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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Six
~ Feeling Pregnant

Six weeks! I'm still "feeling" pregnant. I do wonder how many of my symptoms are imaginary. It's possible that they are real, but I'm still being skeptical.

My breasts were tender, but now my nipples seem to be sensitive. Not really painful, but a little sore. I wake up very hungry, but I'm not sure if that's a new thing. Maybe I'm just a little more in tune with my body now. Watching for signs . . .

I do, however, have a panty-check every time I use the restroom. I keep waiting for the bleeding to begin. Isn't that awful! Just a glance at my toilet paper too! Oh brother! I know it sounds depressing, but I'm just worried.

I think I'm putting on a little weight. My daughter had her second birthday this weekend, and I caught a glimpse of my rear end on the video. Not huge, but not too flattering. I was wearing jeans that were a little "uncomfortable." I think I needed a longer shirt. I think I'll stay off the scale for now. Remember, I gained 60+ pounds when I was pregnant with my daughter . . . so surely you understand my reluctance to start weighing already.

Monday is my first OB visit. I'll actually see the nurse on my first visit, and then alternate with each visit. Nurse - OB - nurse . . . There are three OBs in my office, so I'll also be alternating doctors. Not an idea that I'm crazy about, but I really do like two of the three so it's not that bad. But, I really don't want Dr. #3 delivering my baby! I know, a little soon to be worrying about that! I'll wait until May to worry.

Oh yes, how could I forget. While shopping at Target today, I got a little nauseous! Hurray! But, being ever the pessimist, I wrote it off to hunger. After I ate I felt fine. Only time will tell!

I'll update you on my doctor visit next week! Keep my in your prayers!

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