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Natalie's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week Seven
~ First Doctor Visit

I had some cramping over the weekend. I'm not sure if it's actually cramping or gas . . . I am truly paranoid. I'm a bit nauseated, but not really sick. Every now and then I feel a bit queasy, but not enough to run to the bathroom! I feel like eating! Most people don't eat when they feel sick. Not me! I eat because I think I'll feel better. Here come those 60 pounds!

I'm tired, and enjoy Chaynee's nap time. If I don't have work to catch up on I'll lay down at the same time. It's been nice. Chaynee has been sleeping in in the mornings too. I'm not really sure why, but I love it!

Work? Oh yes, I work at home. My husband and I own our own business. I do all of the bookkeeping, etc. We are 'woman owned' so I have to keep my hands in it!

I've cancelled two trips that we had planned for June. We were going to Lake Powell and Reno. My due date falls right in between the two vacations! I was happy to cancel of course. I couldn't think of a better reason!

Okay! I went to the OB. My visit was pretty much the normal stuff. Of course when they asked if I'd experienced any cramping or bleeding my answer was, "not yet." Obviously I'm still expecting it. After I weighed in (already 123!) I snuck a peek at my hpt that was on the counter. Did I really think there was going to be a "+"? I don't know, I just had to look.

The nurse suggested, because of my history, that James and I may want to hold off on intercourse until my 12th week. Oh dear! I'm not complaining, I'm tired and queasy! But poor James! I told him, "At least it's doctor's orders and not just lack of desire." He laughed at me, knowing full well that I have no interest at this point! I was just trying to make him feel better . . . ha ha . . .

Anyway, here's the exciting part. After my exam, the nurse left me to dress. She knocked on the door almost right away and asked me if I would like to have an early ultrasound. Who would say 'no' to that! I'm so excited! She wants to wait a week or so. I'm going out of town for a few days at the beginning of November, so as soon as I'm back, I get to go! November 9, 10:00 am. Write it on your calendars!!! I'll be 8 weeks and 6 days!

My next OB visit isn't going to be until November 30th. Unless, of course, I have some problems. This way I will get to hear the heartbeat instead of having to wait until my third visit. I'm actually getting a little excited!

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