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Week 12 ~ April 30, 2002
~ No more morning sickness! (Knock on wood)

Anyway, I've made it to the twelve week mark, or I will have on Thursday, and I can say that the constant nausea is finally starting to wear off. I do have moments when I can't stand the smell of certain things cooking, but for the most part, knock on wood, the nausea seems to be passing. I did have an episode this week mind you, where I was so hungry for what I was cooking for dinner, baked pork chops with stuffing, baked potato and green beans, that I could hardly contain myself through cooking the darn dinner. Well, at least my husband got to enjoy it, because when it came time to eat, I simply couldn't. I couldn't bring myself to eat one bite of my carefully crafted down-home cooked meal. I slaved over that meal! I was so aggravated. It did earn me the right to go to bed early that night from my dear husband. He felt so bad. And my son really loves green beans, so it was a gourmet meal to him too! Ha Ha!

Speaking of my son, he is currently suffering from his fifth double ear infection in four months. This one got so bad that he ran a fever of 104.5 the morning that I took him to the doctor. The doc put him on yet another antibiotic, a really strong one that he is for sure will kick this mess. I feel so sorry for him when he feels bad. I've missed almost all of my sick days at work because of how many times Gabe has been sick this year. Do kids who are watched outside of the home just seem to get sicker than other kids or is that a proven fact? It sure does seem that way to me. I don't know how other working moms do it that don't have understanding employers. I couldn't imagine what I would do if I didn't. Oh well, I guess you just do what you have to, huh?

Anyway, Gabe just gets smarter and smarter. He's also been the easiest child to train, you know like off the bottle and sleeping in his own bed. We've just started that training session, the sleeping in his own bed one. He's always slept in his bed, it's just always been right up next to ours. However, we got a different bed this last week, so I finally took the plunge and moved his bed over to the wall away from ours. I knew I would have to do it sooner or later, since we have a new baby coming, but I sure wanted it to be later. Don't get me wrong, he's doing awesome. He slept all night in his bed last night. However, we are not doing so hot. My husband gets up in the middle of the night and shines the flashlight on Gabe to see if he's got his nose buried. I lay awake all night listening for any little sound or movement. How lame is that? You'd think he was 1 month old not, 16 months old. I know, I know, we are pitiful and we need to let him grow up. It's just so hard!

I go for my next doctor's appointment this week. I am so anxious to hear the baby's heartbeat. It's as if then, and only then, will I be able to relax and start to enjoy being pregnant and start buying maternity clothes and baby things. I do hope that nothing goes wrong. Please be praying for me. I had a lady telling me all about her five miscarriages this past weekend. It's not that I begrudge her for wanting/needing to talk, I just think that that is probably not the best thing to be talking to an expectant mother about. I had nightmares that night about miscarrying. Very vivid nightmares. I know I probably wouldn't have had them had I not had that stuff in my head, but it's really hard to be positive when you have all that negative stuff floating around in there. This is the point at which I just have to give it all over to God and let Him deal with everything. He usually does anyway, and does such a better job than I could even think about doing.

Well, I know that this one is rather lengthy, I guess with all the changes happening in my life right now and all the stress that I just needed to unload on you guys. Please continue to email me and pray for me. If I have missed replying to anyone's email, please let me know, it was a gross oversight, It will never happen again! Ha! Anyway, I'll go for now and next update I"ll be able to tell you how my doctor's visit went.

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