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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13 ~ May 7, 2002
~ Fear and Loathing!!!

Okay so I told you that I was having my 12 week check up last week and I would give you all of the details. Well here goes.

I got to the doctor's office early, after swinging through McDonald's for a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and a large orange juice. They gave me time to eat my breakfast before I got called back by the nurse.

Now granted, I know I'm not that far along in pregnancy terms, but I really expected a lot more from this visit. The doctor wasn't even there, nor would she be until this week, and a nurse did my work up. She didn't even check my iron levels, which I had been told would be done every visit since I had suffered severe anemia when pregnant with my son, so much so that it caused me to not produce any milk when it came time to breastfeed! Anyway, this nurse, whom I love, was just doing her best I'm sure, but I was really irritated that they went ahead and saw me knowing that the doctor wouldn't be there. The nurse tried and tried to hear the baby's heartbeat, when she couldn't, she was upset about it, but tried not to show it to me. She said that she couldn't send me over to get an ultrasound because she didn't have the authorization. What kind of authorization do you need when you think someone is in trouble? Beats me. So then, the nurse tells me that the doctor won't be back until May 9 and can I come in then. At which time they will again try to hear the baby's heartbeat and if they can't they will send me to the hospital for an ultrasound. Oh the joys of living in a small town.

I did the same not hearing the heartbeat thing when pregnant with my son. See, my uterus is extremely retroverted, tipped so far back as to almost be touching my spine. Also, I imagine that these few extra pounds remaining from my first pregnancy don't make it any easier to hear a teeny tiny heartbeat. Oh well, I guess we'll know for sure Thursday.

Anyhow, I really detest my doctor. I am going to switch. I will have to wait a little while to get into a new doc, but I'm sure that I can and I will.

Everything on the home front is fine. My son gets smarter by the minute and less dependent. This morning I dropped him off at the sitter and he didn't even cry! Isn't that great. He was happy to be there and playing with the sitter's children, two boys. I have to tell you something cute that Gabe has started doing though. The day he got his cast off, I went to Walmart and bought him a pair of sandals. He hadn't worn shoes in so long, I figured we'd have to ease him into it. Well, these sandals are kind of fashioned after Birkenstocks except they have Velcro fasteners instead of buckles. He loves these shoes. He doesn't wear them everyday, but as soon as he gets home from the sitter, he wants to shuck all of his clothes except his diaper, take off his tennis shoes and put on his sandals. He then proudly wears them around the house until bath time. Then he'll take them off and take a bath only to want them back on after. Most nights we have to take the sandals off him after he falls asleep. It is so cute.

Well, thanks for letting me ramble on this time. I will let you all know more about the heartbeat thing later this week. Please remember us in your prayers.

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