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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15 ~ May 28, 2002
~ 15 Weeks and Counting!

Okay, so now I'm 15 weeks. I can't believe it. Time is really flying. Well not all time, it seems like the days that I'm at work are just dragging by like sap running down a cold pine tree. Anyway, I just can't seem to wait everyday to get home and be with Gabe. Just playing with him and getting him a bath and ready for bed every night is so much fun now. I love him so much. He doesn't understand that we are having another baby yet; I'm really trying to figure this whole part of it out. In a way, I wish that he was a little older because then I would have had the chance to really enjoy more of his babyhood, however he is going to be an awesome big brother and it will be great for them to be close so that they will be great friends.

The pregnancy hormones are really getting to me these days. I am continually mad at Edwin it seems, over really dumb stuff. It seems like he'll ask me a question, usually involving him going fishing or something like that, and I'll be perfectly fine with him going, but then when he does go, I end up being mad that he went! Does that make sense to anyone? I get mad at him for not thinking about what I might want or need, but I never tell him what I want or need. The other day he asks me, "Honey what's wrong with you?" I quickly reply, "I'm pregnant, fat, tired and very hungry, does that answer your question?" I really have to be nicer to him.

As far as the pregnancy goes, I am feeling the baby a little everyday it seems. Just flutters. However, my morning sickness seems to be under control. I'm still having a problem with smells though, and probably will until this is over. I know I am gaining weight at last. I will be four months on Thursday, and up until now, I have only gained 1/2 pound. I keep having really weird, vivid dreams. Some nightmares. My insomnia seems to be getting a little better. I'm so glad; I was so tired there for awhile, I didn't think I'd make it every day. I still get sleepy in the afternoons, but it does seem to be getting better.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I started out my weekend taking Gabe to the doctor. He had an allergic reaction to some bug bites. I started giving him Benedryl and the spots are almost gone. Praise the Lord! Anyway, we went down to the lake where Edwin's mom and dad are gatekeepers. I don't know what I'd do without her, Edwin's mom. She is so awesome to me. She was a real great help when Gabe was born and I know she will be when this baby comes too. We are all so excited and really praying for a girl. I didn't get as much rest as I hoped to when down at the lake, but you do the best you can when you have a 16 month old. He runs around and tries to get into everything. I can't stop him. I have not a clue how I'm gonna handle it when I'm too big to pick him up. I'm already having a time of it.

Well, I'd better go for now. Keep those emails coming. For those of you who haven't had a reply back, I'm working on it. Until next time . . .

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