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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 19 & 20 ~ July 9, 2002
~ Hard Times They Are A-Comin!

Not really, but it sure feels good to voice my fears. Wow, where to start, so much has happened since I spoke to you last. Well, good news first I guess.

I started part-time at my job on July 1. It has been wonderful to have those extra hours with Gabe and I can tell that he is already benefiting developmentally from it. He has become a lot more vocal and says more words. He also likes to have me read books to him and he absolutely has to know what every little picture in the book is. It's really hard for me to fathom right now what having another baby in the house is going to be like. Any of you moms with more than one child close together please clue me in to how to make your firstborn still feel special while spending your attention on your infant. I would much appreciate it.

Onto the bad news . . . two days after I started my job part-time, my husband, Edwin, quit his job of 7 years. (Incidentally, we have worked at the same place for the last five years) He finally got fed up with all the crud that was going on at our workplace and how he was being treated. Now that part doesn't sound too bad, except that with the job he took, he is making a lot less money per month and we lose our insurance. So, not only are we losing my income, but we lost nearly half of his too. Only by the grace of God are we going to make it financially. However, he has started his new job, and I must say, he is an entirely different person than he was a week ago. He is happy, and he actually looks forward to his work now. I must say, that I don't care how bad off we are financially; we will be richer in the long run because we are doing what God wants for our family and we are depending more heavily on Him than we have since we were married to provide for our needs. So in a way, it is making us both into the kind of people that we really need to be to raise our children the way God wants us to.

Baby news . . . I have another check up this week on the 11th. Hopefully sometime soon they will do another ultrasound. I'm really wanting to know what this kid is going to be. That way we can name it and start acclimating Gabe to the fact that there will be another baby in the house. Everything has been going fine with my pregnancy so far. When it gets extremely hot, like over the 4th of July, my feet will swell a little bit, but I just drink a lot of fluids and prop them up. Seems to be working so far.

Well, thanks again to all of you who are praying for me, and those who have emailed me. If I haven't gotten back to you, please be patient. I'm only at a computer when I'm at work, so I have to pick and choose what I get to do, but I will reply to all of you as soon as I can.

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