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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21 ~ July 17, 2002
~ Doing Great

Hope everyone is doing well out there in babyland! I am feeling great! It really helps me to not have to be at work all day long. 10-2 is just about perfect. I am really growing in the belly department now. I've been kidding my husband about starting to wear his clothes again. I did that a lot when I was pregnant with Gabe. However, this time, I've only gained 5 1/2 pounds so far, and I'm not really very big anywhere but my stomach. I really don't think I can resort to wearing DH's clothes this go around. He is 6'4" and weighs around 220. It's hard to believe that he's a full foot taller than me. Ha Ha.

I had my check up last week. Everything is going very well. They were well pleased with my weight gain. (Around this time in my pregnancy with Gabe I had already gained 20 pounds!) Anyway, compared to that, I'm doing fairly well. I'm really more conscious of what I eat now. With him, I just had a free for all. My due date is measuring right along with what the ultrasound said and so is my fundal height. So, it seems that everything is perfectly fine so far. I was diagnosed with placenta previa, so I have another ultrasound at 28 weeks which will let them see if the placenta has moved any. If not, that means I have to have a C-section. We'll see.

We are really trying hard not to let money stresses get us too down. I have been able to shave a lot off of my grocery bill by sticking to my shopping list and not deterring. I've also been planning menus and cooking enough so that Edwin and I have lunch the next day. He is really loving his new job by the way. I am so glad for him. He comes home really tired, but he's been resting a lot better and not been so stressed out. It really was a blessing in disguise. Why did I ever doubt it?

Gabe is doing great. He had to get the last of his shots on Monday. Now he's completely caught up until he's 4. Big sigh of relief. It's always so hard to see him upset or in pain. He is measuring above the 95th percentile in his height. Wonder where he gets that from? In everything else, weight, head circumference, etc. he is measuring right at the 75th percentile. Very good, or so I'm told.

Well, sorry this one is so short. Not really much happening. Just trying to take it one day at a time. So far it is working out just fine.

Talk to you all soon.

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