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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 24 & 25 ~ August 8, 2002
~ Staying Behind

Okay, so I've been a little behind these last few weeks, but now I should officially be caught up. Today is August 8 and I am 25 weeks along. And guess what . . .

WE'RE HAVING A GIRL! Yeah!!!!! I couldn't really believe it when this past Monday, the ultrasound tech told me that we were having a girl. I asked him over and over several times "Are you absolutely sure?" So, he pointed out all of her pertinent girl parts for me and I must say, I could actually tell what they were. Anyway, she is doing absolutely fine. They estimated her weight at about 2 pounds and her length at 12 inches. I think she'll be tall like my son. Maybe. I was so excited about it that I cried and cried. I actually went by myself to the ultrasound, my mother-in-law was supposed to go with me, but my father-in-law didn't get out of the hospital until that day, so she couldn't. Edwin couldn't get off of work either, so with some trepidation, I went solo. I'm so glad I did. It was absolutely wonderful to get experience that by myself. It was like it was my little secret for a while. I did end up calling my mother-in-law from the hospital bathroom to tell her the news. She is beyond excited. This will be the first girl grandchild in both our families. Do we have our work cut out for us or what?

Did I mention last that I finally got to go to the doctor that will deliver the baby? He is an absolute doll. I love him, his attitude, everything. You can really tell that he loves what he is doing and is concerned with my and my baby's well being. I guess all OB's are supposed to have that attitude, but the lady that I was seeing, just had no bedside manner at all. Oh well, all's well that ends well. I'm scheduled to go back in on the 26th of August. From then I will start my 2 week visits. I can't believe I'm almost in the final stretch. It's awesome and a little scary.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for my family's financial situation. We are doing okay. It's been a huge adjustment, but I think that everything is going to be just fine. It's worth losing the money to be happy, believe me.

Gabe is doing awesome. He is really starting to get a little more independent from me. He just turned 19 months old this past week, and he's making sure that I know it. He is starting to really use a fork and spoon when he eats, especially at breakfast. I wasn't sure exactly when to start him on that or if I was starting too late, but he's only really become interested in doing that here lately, so I've been giving him the smallest salad fork I have, because he absolutely refuses to use a baby fork, and he does really well if he's eating waffles or scrambled eggs, stuff like that. He's growing so much too, he'll be in a 4T by winter I'm sure, he's already in 3T in pants and some shirts. I just can't believe how time has flown.

Thanks again to everyone who has been praying for us, we really appreciate everything. I promise to keep up from now on. Talk to you all soon . . .

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