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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26 ~ August 15, 2002
~ A Parent Again

Wow, it's hard to believe I'm 26 weeks already. I am actually only 14 weeks (more or less) away from holding my sweet baby girl. However, I'm not wanting to rush it. I am enjoying my time with Gabe right now immensely. He is just so much fun. He has renamed his grandmother for all of us. The only other grandchild grew up calling Edwin's mom, Grammy. However, Gabe is persisting in calling her Me Me. I think it is just so cute and of course she absolutely loves it. Just this past weekend he has started really saying MaMa and DaDa when he wants or needs something, or if he just wants to get my attention, which seems to be every waking moment. Ha Ha. I told my mom on the phone, "Yep, it's finally started and will never end will it?" To which she replied, "You haven't stopped doing it yet, now have you?"

I must admit, it's a little daunting, this process of becoming a parent again. I can't help but worry about leaving Gabe out of things, or at least him feeling like it. I've been really reading up on how to include him in things like changing the baby, and breastfeeding. Things that I can still participate with him, maybe while reading a book while I breastfeed his baby sister. Or, getting him involved in her bath time. Just getting him involved any way that I can. I know that it's going to be rough in the beginning; I just want his transition to go smoothly and for him not to get to upset out of his routine.

The baby continues to move more and more. It seems like she does gymnastics right when I lay down at night to sleep. I also wake up in the middle of the night to her antics. It's really quite funny how different both of these pregnancies are. I am doing really well on my weight gain this time and she already seems to be a firebrand. Gabe was so laid back and mellow, even in the womb, that we compared him to Edwin's Dad all the time, because my father-in-law is the most laid back person that I know.

I am still really looking forward to being a stay at home mom, however, I have to keep reminding myself not to worry about the money end of it. We are already struggling somewhat financially, and with my cut hours at work, we are barely making it, so I can't help but worry about how we will make it when I'm not working at all. However, I do know that God provides and I'm seriously counting on him to do so.

Well, until next time. I hope all of you out there in baby land feel as good and healthy as I do! HA HA.

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