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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27 ~ August 22, 2002
~ Learning About Myself

Well, I am 27 weeks today, and I feel all of it. I'm having a real hard time breathing these days. Go figure! This baby is taking up all of my extra space. Not that I had a whole lot of extra space anyway, but what I did have is certainly gone. It's hard to believe that I am in the home stretch. 13 (or less I hope) more weeks to go! I can't help but be excited. However, I am really beginning to feel the effects of going into the third trimester. You know, those things you kind of forget about after you have your baby like:

~ Not being able to stand up for more than 5 minutes at a time.
~ Not being able to sleep for more than 5 minutes at a time.
~ Having to break out the industrial bra, cause your boobs are growing faster than the speed of light.
~ Having to heave yourself out of bed in the mornings if your husband has left before you.

These are just a few of the little inconveniences we deal with when we are pregnant. Not that I would change being pregnant, but it's real funny how all of these things conveniently remove themselves from your memory when you think you might want to have another child. Ha Ha.

Gabe is doing wonderful. I think that more and more each day, he is recognizing that mommy is changing and I keep telling him about the baby in the hopes that he is grasping some of it. He had a physical yesterday with a new pediatrician. This guy is wonderful. Gabe really took to him. Gabe is in the 95th percentile in everything for a 19 month old. He is 36 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds! And to think I still pick him up, no wonder my back hurts. The doctor said that he was extremely healthy. I was so proud.

Every day, Gabe teaches me new things about myself. I always knew that I wanted to be a mom, but I wasn't sure that I could handle it. I was also worried about being a stay at home mom, not just because of the money end of it, but because I didn't know if I could handle being around just children all day. I wasn't sure if I had the constitution for it. I am finding out though, that God really does give you the desires of your heart, not necessarily the desires of your mind, but what you really, truly, deep down know that you want and that you need. I need to be there for my kids in the capacity that a stay at home mom is. I know that working moms are there for their kids, I did that for nearly two years, but for me, I think that being a stay at home mom is the icing on the cake for my life. I am so excited. I miss Gabe so much each day, when I am at work for only 4 hours. It should be a break for me, but I'm finding that I'd much rather be at home drawing with crayons with him than dealing with my job.

Hope all of you out there are having a wonderful week. And also that you have a great weekend. Talk to you soon.

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