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Week 28/29 ~ September 3, 2002
~ The Home Stretch

At least that's what I keep telling myself. That I am in the home stretch. I must admit though that it really is starting to seem a lot harder right now than I remember it being with Gabe. Maybe that was just because of all of the excitement of having a baby for the first time. Now, though, that I know what is in store for me, I am actually kind of dreading the whole labor thing a little. I know that I shouldn't admit that, but I'm actually terrified of this birth turning out to be so hard like Gabe's was. I do not want to redo that experience at all. I also keep worrying alternately about pre-term birth and being past my due date again. I know in my mind that these are legitimate third trimester worries, but I still feel kind of dumb thinking these things since I've already given birth once.

Well the baby is growing like a weed. I must say that so am I. I actually had a fairly normal weight gain this last doctor's visit. I've started my two week visits. That really seems to bring things more close. I was having some headaches and a couple of times I had a rise in blood pressure over the last couple of weeks, but I haven't had any protein in the urine or any of the other symptoms of pre-eclampsia or toxemia. That is such a blessing. They are thinking that the headaches are just causing my blood pressure to go up and since my last doctor's visit, I have been doing great. He told me to eat something every two hours regardless of what it was and that really seems to be helping. Bless him! I really am fortunate to have such a great practitioner.

Gabe is doing great also. He has been learning more and more words and making sentences with them. Today, he is 20 months old. I can hardly believe that in a few short months he will be 2. That is both exciting and heartbreaking for me. He is my baby. He's always going to be my baby. It's just hard to imagine him growing up so fast. I'm glad that we are having another right now, but I know it will be just as hard when she is turning two, especially since we probably won't have anymore after this one. Gabe is learning to answer me when I ask him a question. Especially if it's a yes or no answer. He says "yeah" if he agrees with what I'm saying and shakes his head no if he doesn't. It is just too cute.

I feel like I am rambling on today. I must say that I only have 4 weeks of work left. I am so glad, however the thought of not having my paycheck is starting to get to me. It could be worse though I guess. We could neither of us have a job. God will provide. I just have to let him.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. I will post again next week, after my appointment at the doctors. Bless all of you and have a great week!

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