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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 31 & 32 ~ September 24, 2002
~ Gaining Weight

Okay, so I'm not officially 32 weeks, but I will be Wednesday. I'm so excited about that fact too. Actually if you go by my new due date, which is the 13 of November, I will be 33 weeks, however I don't set much store by that, because my practitioner will let me go until the 21st of November, if I need to.

I've been doing fairly well. Today is the first day of my last week of work. I am so excited, but yet a little sad at the same time. It's hard to imagine that this is the last Monday, for awhile anyway, that I will have gotten up, dropped Gabe off at the sitter's after a short weekend and hustled it to work. It's a little daunting too. I know that Edwin has all of these wonder mom expectations of me, since I am staying home, and I guess that I do too, I just hope that I can live up to his expectations.

I had my OB visit this morning. I'm finally gaining the weight. I don't know why I am so happy about that, especially since I'm probably gaining more in a two week period than I should be, but I am happy. Everything is going as scheduled. I am doing really well and my doctor is pleased with me. I'm staring to nest a whole lot more than I did with Gabe, but I just feel this baby sneaking up on me and I hate that feeling.

Speaking of Gabe, he is doing wonderful. He has moments where I get a glimpse of the terrible twos, but for the most part he is an awesome kid. He is talking more and more every day. It is so cool to see this little person emerge from babyhood. It's sad though too. I wish he could stay a baby a little while longer, but everything that he's doing is so exciting.

Remember to be praying for us as we make this transition from me being a full-time working mom to a full time stay-at-home-mom. The money will be pretty tight, but we still have no doubts that this is what God has planned for us. Hope everyone is doing really well and I will continue to keep you updated.

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