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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ A little scare

I am currently now, 33 1/2 weeks along. Everything is fine with the pregnancy, except for the fact that my doctor is concerned about premature labor. I had my appointment yesterday and my cervix was thinning and I was dilated a little. He told me that I absolutely had to not have this baby for another three weeks. I laughed and said that I would certainly try not to go into labor too soon.

I am getting ahead of myself though. Let me update you a little on what’s been happening the last week or so. First of all, my last day of work was September 27th. At the same time, our computer at home chose to die on us, so now I only get to check my email and update my journal when I use my friend's computer. So all of last week, I did not get to send my journal entry . Also, I wouldn't have been able to send an entry anyway, as we were on vacation. It was wonderful! We spent the whole week at the lake with my in-laws and had quite a nice break.

Gabe is doing very well. We had a little scare with him losing weight. He lost 4 pounds in a month! He has become such a picky eater though. Anyway, the doctor ordered a lot of blood tests on him and they all turned out okay! Praise Jesus! They same day that he had the blood work, I ended up having significant contractions and having to go to the doctor. They told me to try and take it easy. HA HA How easy can you take it when you have a 21 month old?

Hope you are all having a wonderful time.

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