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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34 ~ October 17, 2002
~ Never-ending Belly Syndrome

Am I going to be pregnant forever? I know that this is very common in the last few weeks of pregnancy, but I'm really getting the never-ending belly syndrome bad right now. On the other hand, I keep feeling like I'm running out of time to get things done. Things like steam cleaning all of our carpets and scrubbing the kitchen sink with a toothbrush. Major nesting is being done here, I know.

Everything with my pregnancy is going great! Except for a few minor glitches here and there, I have been feeling perfectly wonderful this week. The only things I can really complain about is my sleep pattern (I have none, HA HA) and the fact that my back hurts if I do my dishes. Sounds like a good reason to not do them huh? The doctor did say that he was concerned about her size; he’s afraid that she’s getting too big for me to have. Since Gabe was a large baby, that has really been the only concern so far. I have only gained 21 pounds so far, which I'm told is pretty good for me. At my last doctor’s visit, I had not gained any weight from the previous visit. The baby is getting bigger, but I am losing. I must say that since I haven't been working, and I've been pretty much staying at home most of the time, I have been eating better, not snacking as much, and when I do, it’s just on things that I have at home.

Gabe is doing great. As the day comes closer and closer to having the new baby, he seems to be picking up more and more on what is actually going on. The other day, he helped me to rearrange the baby’s room and put away all of her clothes and things. He would pick up blankets and say “baby?” It was so sweet. He is also learning so many new words and putting phrases together. They only worry I have about him and the baby is when I have to leave him with his grammy when I go in to have the baby. I know it is going to be traumatic for him. Since grammy is still working and won't be done with her job until the 31st of October, then I can't really do a trial run with him staying overnight with her until then. That stinks!

We had to put our dog to sleep this week. My husband has had her for 9 years. She was an English bulldog and pitbull mix. She was doing really well with being around Gabe, until she started getting sick, then she tried to bite him a couple of times, so we had to get rid of her. She was miserable, but it was still the hardest thing I've had to do in awhile.

Hope everyone is doing great. I’ll do my 35 week post after Monday, since I have a doctor’s appointment then. Talk to you then.

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