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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36 ~ November 3, 2002
~ Right on Track

So sorry to make everyone wait for this installment. I've been experiencing computer problems.

Everything seems to be right on track with my pregnancy, however the doctor is talking of inducing my labor early if this baby keeps growing like she is. I am a little glad I think that I might get to have her a little early, especially if the doctor can guarantee that she won't weigh 12 pounds! HA HA!

Gabe is doing wonderful. He keeps growing my leaps and bounds (in size and in vocabulary). I must admit that I've finally taught him (inadvertently) one of my bad habits. I have this habit of making a disgusted sound, kind of an UNGH!, when I am unhappy or frustrated. Somewhere between a growl and hiss, anyway, the other day, Gabe got frustrated with one of his toys and I heard him make this very same sound. Imagine my surprise. He has started doing it especially if he doesn't want to do something that we want him to do. I have to take full responsibility for this one I suppose. No more blaming all his bad habits on his dad.

I will know on the 4th if the doctor is planning on inducing me early. I will try to get back to a computer and update you guys on what is happening then.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. My in-laws have finally moved in next door. I am so excited about the prospect of getting to spend more time with my mother-in-law. We are really great friends, and sometimes she understands my husband way better than I do and can put everything into perspective for me. She is definitely a God send.

Well, I'll get back with you guys sometime after the 4th. Happy pregnancies!

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