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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37 ~ November 7, 2002
~ Getting Close

Wow that is sure hard to believe. That I am already 37 weeks plus I mean. It really seems like only yesterday that I found out I was pregnant again. I must say that I am really ready to get this over with.

I had my OB appointment on Tuesday, and the doctor told me that I was dilated to a 3 and that if I had the baby today that she would weigh 7.5 pounds! Oh gracious! Anyway, he doesn't want me to have a 9 pounder this time, so if I don't go into labor on my own sometime this week, he will induce me sometime early next week. He said that if I see him for my appointment Monday, then we will for sure have a baby Tuesday or Wednesday! Praise Jesus! I am so ready to get this over with. Although I do hope that I go into labor on my own, I am willing to be induced if it means not having a big baby this time.

Gabe is continuing to grow like a weed. It seems like every week that he is changing shoe sizes or pant sizes. I am having to do some creative shopping to keep up with him without spending every cent we have. I've managed to find quite a few things for him for winter at really reduced prices, so that really helps.

I will try to update again next Monday after my appointment to fill you in on whether or not I will be induced, that is if I don't go into labor on my own before then. Please be praying that I do; I just know that it will be a lot easier on me. So my next installment will either be my 38 weeker or my birth story. Can't wait to see which one!

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