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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 9 ~ April 11, 2002
~ Nine Weeks and Counting

Okay, so I'm nine weeks along now and already I need new pants. It's not that I have put on any weight yet. I've actually dropped ten pounds, but I forgot what my mom used to say about a second baby . . . they push all the tummy fat you accumulated from the first baby way out and you already look three months pregnant! Wasn't that wise of her? Ha Ha.

I had my first official pre-natal visit a week ago. I really like the nurse practitioner that cared for me. She seems really sweet and understanding, but best of all she really explains stuff to me. She even tried to hear the baby's heartbeat on the Doppler, even though we knew it was probably too early. My next visit isn't until May 2. By then I'll be around 12 or 13 weeks, and we should be able to hear it.

Is it too much of a jinx to say that I think this one is a girl? Or is that just wishful thinking? I certainly didn't have any of the symptoms with Gabe that I'm having with this child. My sister didn't either, and she had two boys. She was sure that her youngest was a girl, even when they gave him to her; she just knew he was a girl. He was awfully pretty for a boy.

Edwin is doing a little better this month. I think things are really starting to settle in on him a bit. He's excited that I'm staying home to raise the kids, but we will effectively be losing half of our income when I quit work, and I can't help feeling a little guilty about that. I know I shouldn't, but I know that he's extremely worried about it and that just makes me worry. Anybody got any good money saving ideas for me? I would welcome them.

It's getting harder and harder to stay awake in the afternoons at work. Especially if I'm proofreading, (I'm a graphics assistant), or laying out text in a publication. My eyes just don't want to stay open. I end up having to get up and move around. A LOT!! It's just a short walk to where my husband works. He works for the same company, just in a different building, so I can usually go bug him for a few minutes. That always wakes me up. Anyway, I have fallen asleep once here; I felt so bad about it. It was only for a few minutes, but the feeling of terror I felt when the phone buzzed and it woke me up, well let's just say, I don't relish the thought of doing that again. I nearly wet my pants. I know, I know, that's really easy to do these days.

Now, let's talk a little about Gabe. A couple of weeks ago, he broke his leg at the babysitter's. It was awful, I had to hold him down while they set it and put on the cast. Now mind you, he is only 15 months old, but it took two radiologists holding him down to get x-rays. I thought this cast might slow him down a bit, but no such luck. He literally runs on the thing, faster than he did when he first got it. I wonder how he'll do when he has it off? He is learning so much so fast, and I call the sitter several times a day from work to check up on him. It's really been hard on me to leave him with the sitter, but he's really had wonderful, God-given caregivers so far. He has taken to telling me no here lately, especially if I try to feed him and don't let him do it himself. He's getting so independent. I really don't like it very much. Be praying that his cast can come off soon and that he doesn't completely forget mom!

Thanks for the emails that I've gotten, they are so supportive and uplifting. Keep them coming!

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