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Birth Story
~ Meet Baby Bryson!

Baby with Mommy and DaddyFirst off, please let me thank Maribeth and StorkNet for sharing one of my wonderful pregnancy/birth experiences with all of their readers . . . THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Monday April 14th was my last pre-natal appointment and quite honestly I was prepared to hear that we'd be going full-term for one reason or another. Baby's heart beat was great, blood pressure etc . . . but the weekend's contractions dilated me just enough, 3cm with baby's head engaged so my doctor asked if Tuesday morning would work for me, YES!!

My husband started his week's holiday on a rather chaotic note. Two of the seven children were quite sick with the flu so sadly bringing them with us wasn't an option but luckily my mother offered to stay with them. We woke at our usual 5:30am to get our farm chores done and send off four of the kids to school, my 10 year old daughter stayed home to help grandma with my sick two year old. I had to call the hospital at 7am to confirm whether or not the induction would be possible and was then asked if I could be there for 8am. No problem . . . just have to get the kids on the bus, shower, wait for grandma and make the half hour drive to the hospital as quickly as possible! Just another day!!

Baby BrysonOnce we arrived they did the usual preps. Then I waited for my doctor just to be told that there may be a problem. The neo-natal unit was full and the care unit wouldn't allow an "unnecessary" induction until some of the babies were discharged "just in case", ARG! Now my doctor is a true sweetheart. She understands my position completely and tells me that if we can get my contractions more regular and thin out my cervix just a bit more it would be reason enough to break my waters so my day begun . . .

My husband and I spend three hours climbing up and down the hospital staircase (brutal) which luckily did set off the contractions just enough to do the job. My waters were broken at noon and so all that was left to do was wait. I was introduced to the staff, met a couple of training paramedics that I welcomed to witness the labour and birth, one of which later asked me during a peak contraction if labour hurt!

Baby BrysonAn hour and a half quickly passed by the time I decided to take a short walk. I didn't get very far when my first "real" contraction happened and minutes later my second was strong enough to make me need to go pee so I returned to my room. I no sooner sat on the toilet than an intense contraction had me holding on to the support bar and barely able to call to my husband! I advised the nurse she may want to check me as I was feeling a lot of pressure. I was only 5cm but she decided to check me during the next contraction for intensity and with that one I opened to 8cm! She rushed to get my doctor, I had one more contraction before she arrived in the room and was ready to push. If there were any doubts in the staff's mind at how "necessary" it was for me to be in hospital once my labour started it was quickly erased!

By the time the doctor got her gloves on, baby's head was visible, one push delivered the head and a second the shoulders and baby! Bryson Charles arrived safely and quickly April 15th at 3:24pm weighing 8lbs 4oz and absolutely gorgeous! He was completely pink, a perfect round head and scored 10 on his apgar. As they laid him on my chest I was completely taken by him. I can honestly say that no matter how many times I go through the miracle of birth it is as amazing as the first.

Baby BrysonIronically, Bryson's blood sugar tested low and he was sent off to the crowded NICU for observation. We were told that low blood sugar is very common in newborns especially in quick deliveries and he only stayed for the first 18 hours. What a glorious family reunion when the rest of the children and daddy came to visit the following day!

As I write this I can barely believe it's already been six weeks! It's such an emotional time. I would love nothing more than to make time stand still as I watch him sleep at my breast, yet his first smiles make me look forward to all of his milestones. As all my friends and family know all too well, we've already begun talking of another addition to our family in the very near future. I'm all too aware that one day I'll have to say this is the "last" but for now I'll gladly look forward to rubbing a growing belly once again!

To all expecting moms, good luck and remember to savor every little moment, they pass us by all too quickly!

~ Nicole

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