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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Nicole

NicoleHi, my name is Nicole, and I am overjoyed to share the experience of my latest pregnancy with all StorkNet readers. I am a stay at home mom of seven beautiful beautiful children, four wonderful girls and three equally wonderful boys.

This pregnancy is truly a gift to me as my husband had made it quite clear that "7 is enough" and it seemed that this time no begging or tears would change his mind. However, on January 24, 2007, the day of our 10th wedding anniversary, he reminded me once again the reason I'd fallen in love with him. I could barely believe my eyes as he rolled into our driveway with a brand new 12 passenger van and as he jumped out, the grin on his face said it all . . . we were once again trying for another blessing to add to our busy and wonderful family!

This time, it seemed to take us forever to conceive. I was told by my doctor that the combination of my then still nursing daughter, my age and the stress of starting to build my life long dream of a family farm made the time lapse not only normal but probably a blessing.

Sure enough, in August of 2007 I was thrilled to show off my positive test result with anyone that would listen and my children eagerly shared in the excitement as they themselves seem to have become local celebrities of sorts! Due to my age and a positive blood test to my genetic testing, I was followed up and screened by an OB/GYN where we were overjoyed to find out that not only was our baby completely healthy but also A BOY, how perfect!

I hope you enjoy following the adventure our family has once again embarked on as I will truly enjoy sharing it with all of you.

~ Nicole

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