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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
~ Another week, another winter storm!

I must say, this winter has been trying to say the least. I often question the wisdom behind my decision to go ahead with a pregnancy while farming through a New Brunswick winter! We've been digging out from one storm after another, now buried under more than 100cm of snow and unfortunately farm chores await me every morning. I must say I've always thought of myself as unbreakable but trying to balance heavy water buckets on ice slicked paths with a growing belly has me second thinking myself, especially after a long night of leg cramps and heartburn compounded by a toddler that insisted on sleeping across my chest. My husband has been my hero, supporting my dream by doing all that he can to try and make it more manageable for me. With only one income and a large family to support, I need to step up and deal with mornings the best I can. I must say I've earned the respect of my fellow farmers! Luckly there's only 6 more weeks of winter and not many more before the arrival of little Bryson . . . light at the end of the tunnel!

Last Friday morning I made the trip to the hospital for my pre-natal diabetes test followed closely by my two year old and four year old. As my strong willed two year old threw her second temper tantrum of the morning, an elderly lady couldn't help but offer a piece of wisdom, "one day she'll be 16 and you'll long for this." I smiled knowing all too well how right she is; my eldest being 17 years old reminds me of that every day. People always ask me how I do it but all I can think of is how could I not? My children are never thought of as a chore, burden or a stress, simply a blessing and I'll hang on to them as long as I can.

As we awoke this morning the children were thrilled to have yet another snow day from school and I must say, as much as I hate the snow I really love having my little ones safe at home. Seeing that Thursday is Valentine's Day they all decided to take advantage of the day off to write out cards to friends and classmates and much to my surprise printed in their best hand writing was a small pile of cards for the newest little brother. It amazes me how Bryson is already thought of as a very real part of their world, included in all of their day's activities any way possible. I can't imagine living life any other way! This year I have Valentine's plans of my own. Every pregnancy I am faced with the same dilemma, how to convince my husband that he wants more children as much as I do, LOL! So what better time of the year to snuggle on cozy blankets watching a family movie surrounded by our little ones and celebrating the true meaning of Valentine's? My husband always plays the tough role, booking his vasectomy (three times now) and trying to stand his ground but he's just such a softy! He loves nothing more than the warmth of little ones snuggled in his lap and I will eagerly play on this as the kids lovingly give him his daddy cards, signed in their own special way. He doesn't stand a chance! I know in my heart making that final decision will come one day but for now I'll cherish every moment of this pregnancy, the birth of our new son and thoughts of the possibilities tomorrows always bring.

Until next week, Happy Valentine's Day!

~ Nicole

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