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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ Light at the End of the Tunnel

Well, thankfully all's been relatively calm with the pregnancy up to date. Other than the common complaints of Braxton-Hicks contractions, varicose veins, night sweats and leg cramps, I can still say that every little kick and wiggle from baby Bryson is truly a gift! I must say that with this pregnancy being my eighth, I am truly enjoying all the little things we often take for granted during our first pregnancies. It seems that the only memories I have of my first two pregnancies was the anticipation of the birth of a new baby, counting days and worrying that all wouldn't be "perfect" in time. The memories of my third through my seventh pregancies are fogged by the chaos and worries of raising several small children at once. With this pregnancy some of my children are now older and more capable of helping out and keeping each other busy so my thoughts are often at peace and more able to just enjoy my growing belly and share a chuckle with my husband over how awkward I've become!

Last week I decided to take the kids out on a shopping trip (with a large family you really need to take advantage of spring clearance sales). As we began removing snowsuits and settling the smaller kids into carts the stares of the public began, the kids always enjoy this part, LOL! This time it was just a little more comical as I whispered to the kids, "watch what happens when mommy takes her coat off." Sure enough, as I removed my oversized outerwear it was hard not to notice the whispers and elbowing of a society no longer use to large families!! We all giggled and happily answered all the regular questions . .."are they all yours," "is this your last one," "how do you do it." etc . . . ?? It's not difficult to see how a routine trip to the grocery store becomes a social outing for our family. We are all proud of our family and we can only hope that we help people realize just how much has been lost in family values throughout time.

I also must admit that this pregnancy has also had its share of challenges. I have to endure many people's "I told you so" as to the subject of a winter pregnancy while farming but with the promise of spring I feel that we'll all come through this just a little stronger. We've been hit with two more major winter storms/blizzards since my last entry, long hours doing heavy chores has left me with swollen feet, an aching back and often strong Braxton-Hicks contractions. We've also suffered through yet another farm tragedy during the latest major storm. Another of our goat does went into labour and after several hours without progress needed an emergency C-section. A twisted uterus (no explained cause) caused her to lose her baby and nearly her life, for now she seems to be recovering, but the costs of this winter have really been adding up! Baby Bryson is truly the light at the end of the tunnel for us as we welcome spring and the gift of a new life.

~ Nicole

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