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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
~ Brighter Days

Well, this week has certainly kept us all busy. Being March break for the children means running just a little faster to keep up. I went to my routine pre-natal exam on Thursday and all's well. The older children were all present this time which meant tons of questions for my doctor and an empty sucker jar before we left. The baby is now measuring almost exactly 34 weeks so I'm feeling better about my due date and hoping my scheduled delivery comes and goes smoothly. My blood pressure is lower than desired so will need to be monitored; I guess that explains the dizzy spells and black outs. Being a vegetarian and not always taking the time to monitor my diet I've encountered this during previous pregnancies as well. I haven't gained any more weight but seem to outgrow my maternity clothes daily. My children seem to to start grinning as soon as I reach for yet another pair of pants to try on, LOL! It's wonderful to see just how excited they are at the quickly approaching "due date" marked off on our family calendar.

On Sunday we were hit with yet another winter ice storm and I was caught off guard when I received a call from a friend who seemed distressed about her pet goat's health. She anxiously explained how worried she was and how much she'd appreciate me coming out to take a look at him . . . what else could I do?? I hopped in our van just to discover it frozen in ice! I was about to come back in and call my friend back to explain that I wouldn't be able to make it out when my husband and oldest son ran out to give me a push. I thought this was a little odd considering the weather, but they did get me out and she only lives a short distance down the road so off I went. Well, as I arrived I worriedly rushed in just to discover an excellent surprise baby shower! This was so unexpected as I haven't had a shower in over 17 years while I was expecting my first baby. Not many of the guests where able to show due to the storm but we did have a wonderful time and it really did help to brighten my mood. The remainder of the week I continuously welcomed house guests that were unable to attend bearing gifts. It feels almost strange receiving everything in blue after raising three little girls in a row . . . my last baby boy is turning eight in just two weeks!

On the farming side of our life we were finally able to welcome a brand new spring kid on Monday March 10. A sweet little buckling (male goat) that the children appropriately named "Stormy". He's a very healthy and active little boy that has given our family some hope that winter may finally be winding down. As we watch the little guy frolic with his mother we can't help but imagine how exciting it will be to watch as baby Bryson discovers his new world.

~ Nicole

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