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Week 35
~ All Washed Out

I am once again so sorry for this late entry but week 35 was a hard one to write about as the whole week is but a blur! You see, during March break five of my seven children came down with a stomach virus and although I became mildly queasy I thought I'd been spared . . . WRONG!! The following Monday I began vomiting and was unable to keep anything down. I'm sure it didn't help my immune system that my two year old had thrown up all over me just two days before, LOL! I became weak and could barely stand to get up to tend to the children let alone the farm and to make matters worse our washing machine broke down the very next day! I was left feeling very alone and miserable while hubby had to go to work and my older kids to school but baby Bryson didn't seem to be bothered at all. He comforted me by kicking and squirming anytime I sat still which was anytime I got a chance.

What a week, dealing with my days the best I could while making the dreaded trips to the laundromat every other evening to wash tons of children's clothing not to mention running to the public washroom to throw up! Luckly, my 17 year old volunteered his services to help not only with the laundry, but also explaining to people that his very pregnant mom would be truly O.K., LOL! I guess the sound of a pregnant woman throwing up brings out the best in people as I was given first choice of machines. Of course, the repair parts for the washer arrived on the same day the cloud started lifting off my head.

So as you can see, week 35 will surely go down as the week I'd rather not remember, here's to a better week 36!

~ Nicole

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