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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Easter Joy

EasterWell, I must say this has been a much brighter week for all of us. Easter has come and gone and the children had a wonderful time searching for eggs and sharing Easter surprises. We can really begin to feel the promise of spring as temperatures finally begin rising above freezing and the children can once again play with their barnyard friends. Our little Breya was thrilled to be to be taken out to the barn to meet all of spring's new additions and will happily tell her tales to anyone who is willing to listen, LOL! I think she may have felt with all of the wonderful changes around her it was time to make changes of her own, and I am proud to announce that our little girl has potty trained herself in less than a week! I'm sincere when I say she's done it on her own. I had bought a new potty seat to familiarize her with it but had no intention of beginning "training" before Bryson's arrival. As soon as it was set up she happily sat down and relieved herself! The very next day while on an outing she exclaimed that she needed to pee, she was wearing her diaper so I never thought much of it but upon arriving home two hours later she ran directly to the potty and much to our surprise her diaper was still dry! It's now been four days accident free including dry mornings . . . that's my girl!

The kids have all gotten wonderful reports back from school and we have begun making graduation preparations for our eldest . . . wow, time sure flies by!! It seems not so long ago I was anxiously waiting for the arrival of my first, terrified of what was to come and now he is growing into a fine young man which I can always depend on.

I'm growing increasingly uncomfortable, my feet swell to the point that my toes can barely touch the floor and the Braxton Hicks contractions can be quite intense at times. During this last pre-natal exam I measured 37 weeks, two and a half cm dialated and will now be going for weekly visits. My doctor is now waiting for any progress such as a thinning cervix and a lowering of baby so that I can be admitted to have my waters broken. I don't know why but it all seems surreal to me that we could have this baby as early as next week; I still haven't purchased the bare necessities such as NB diapers or washes! I guess I've been so busy with the farm etc . . . that I've failed to notice the days flying by, LOL! The children have certainly taken it to notice as they expose my belly and gently massage it while whispering to their little brother any chance they get.

We've begun thinking of our birth plan and I think this may be the birth I can finally share with the entire family. I've spoken to my doctor about including the children and she feels it's a wonderful idea. With several of the kids being older I'm confident that if things where to become overwhelming to the smaller children they could easily be brought to the family room to watch a movie, eat a snack etc. We've been watching birthing programs with them and even my two year old seems very comfortable with the process. I guess it's another way in which the farm has thought them all the natural ways of life. So for now I'm happy waiting for the arrival of our little man while enjoying the smells, sights and sounds of spring with my wonderful brood of amazing little people.

~ Nicole

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