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Nicole's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ I Can Barely Wait!!

I'm afraid this may not be a very long entry. I feel as though time is standing still this week. I'm so used to the hectic schedule of farming while parenting a large family that being home bound is driving me stir crazy! Don't get me wrong, I so appreciate the help my family has been offering . . . even the youngest children have been pitching in by tidying up their toys, making their beds etc . . . and my poor husband has been getting up at 5am to to water the barn before getting to work. I feel so useless!!

During my last prenatal I measured 38 weeks (I think the 36 week accurate measurement was mostly due due to the inexperience of the medical student doing the measuring) and gained an incredible 10 lbs! My doctor believes it's mostly due to water retention; I'm sure my feet weight 5 lbs each, LOL! My blood pressure was perfect so no worries there. My face has swollen to the point that I can see my lips when I talk and my wedding ring is making my finger ache. I am SOOOOOO anxious to see this little man get here that I'm actually looking forward to active labour.

Other than the weight gain there has been no changes in my cervix or position of the baby. My doctor's on holidays this coming week so I was referred to another MD for this coming pre-natal exam. He has been informed of "the plan" to break my waters if there is any change so I may not have my regular doctor at our delivery. At this point it really doesn't matter to me who delivers as long as it all goes well. I have dreamy visions of strapping baby Bryson to my chest in his snugly and returning to my active lifestyle . . . I CAN BARELY WAIT!!

In the mean time I'll keep myself going by keeping my family on their toes with my crazy nesting instincts. So far I've cleaned the entire house (it amazes me that even the light bulbs can get so dusty), garage and two storage sheds. I'm sure I can find a corner or two I've missed and with any luck at all the snow banks outside will melt just enough to be able to plug in the vacuum and rug shampooer to get the van sparkling! Even our dogs have become victims to my hormone changes; they've all been washed, clipped and pedicured.

It's such a strange tug of emotions, so anxious to welcome this new little person to the family yet wanting to absorb every little wiggle and hiccup felt from within. I know I'm going to miss my bulging belly and I already know that this surely won't be the final pregnancy chapter in our expanding family's adventures.

~ Nicole

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