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~ Meet Nicole

My name is Nicole, and I am 40 years old. I've been married to my wonderful husband Daniel (43 years) for what will be 14 years this coming January. I had one son, Corey, when I met Daniel and together we have since had seven children together. Our oldest son, Corey is now 20 years old and although still living at home, is spreading his wings, and I am amazed to watch him as he transforms into an independent, wonderful adult. Our second son, Tristan, is 14 years old, is the "high energy child", diagnosed with ADHD, and he's the one that keeps us on our toes. My oldest daughter, Teyanna, is 13 years and definitely a "momma hen" in her own right. Connor is our fourth child, the "unplanned pregnancy" that set the wheels in motion for a large family. Kaleisha, our 8 year old daughter is definitely my little diva, and her 7 year old younger sister, Keirra, is the complete opposite being quiet, shy and a bit of a teacher's pet. Breya, our 5 year old daughter made her arrival into the world screaming and hasn't yet stopped ... a little firecracker to say the least! Then in 2008 we announced the arrival of little Bryson (nick named "Bubby") on StorkNet's pregnancy journal. Bryson is certainly "momma's boy", mild mannered and inquisitive with all of his siblings wrapped around his little finger.

Several years ago my husband and I made the conscious decision to raise our growing family with more traditional values and have since started a quaint hobby/petting farm where we raise a variety of animals for milk, meat and companionship. We recently purchased a new home in a picturesque country setting, surrounded by the generosity of kind neighbors/friends and we thought life couldn't get any better ... that was until I discovered I was pregnant once again, how blessed we are!

Trying to conceive had never been something we had to think about ... I breastfeed so usually shortly after I introduce solids we'd take it for granted that we'd become pregnant. Well, as Bryson approached two and a half and I entered my forties, it began to look as though my biological clock may have been calling the shots on this one. I had begun to accept that perhaps the next baby I'd hold in my arms would be a grandchild rather than my own. I can't express the emotions our family experienced on the day we got the results of a positive pregnancy test! The surprise and excitement I felt can only be compared to that of nearly 21 years ago, when a young woman of 20 years found out she was expecting her first child!

In many ways I feel that this pregnancy journey will hold many surprises. I'm older, my children are getting older, and we're in such a wonderful place in our lives, I can't imagine life getting any better. I'm so happy to be able to share it with all of the StorkNet readers. Although I can call myself a "seasoned mother" I learn something new everyday and tomorrow always brings the promise of new lessons, laughter and love!!


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