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Week 10
~ Nausea, Fatigue & Dizzy Spells

Wow, another week gone by already ... a quarter of the way there!! Well, the week's been busy to say the least, and I'm not sure if it's simply the hectic schedule but the nausea, fatigue and dizzy spells came back with a vengeance!! I can't even walk into a grocery store because the smells are enough to send me running. I'm constantly hungry to the point that my mouth waters but the mere thought of food keeps me out of the kitchen.

The week started with my blood work. I kept my oldest daughter home from school so she could help with Bryson. The maternal serum test requires inactivity for an hour, and I knew there was no way Bryson would tolerate sitting quietly in a waiting room for that long. The nurse and I shared a chuckle at the amount of tests the doctor requested. She took so much blood that the pressure belt had to be retightened to get my blood flowing again ... and I have great veins!

Tuesday morning I had to have my SV inspection done on my van at 8:45am. Keep in mind that I put six of the children on the bus at 7:30am and still need to take my shower, get Bryson up and ready, defrost my van and make the 25 minute trip into town. This type of inspection takes approximately two hours and is VERY thorough so I always sweat it. Once there I decided to bundle up Bryson and walk down to McDonald's for breakfast to keep my mind off of it. It seemed like a good idea until the smells of egg and sausage took hold of me and sent me running for the public rest room ! I took Bryson's hash browns and milk to go and quickly returned to the garage. My van failed the inspection AGAIN; this time we need back brakes and new pins for the side entry door ... not a great bill to get days before Christmas!

I did receive my call for my appointment with the OB-GYN, and my first ultrasound is scheduled for December 31st at 11am. This should be interesting seeing all the kids will be out of school and in attendance, LOL! Other then that, the only complaint I have is bladder control; it's been a slight (but manageable) issue since Bryson's birth but with this pregnancy I'm really having a hard time. Every time I cough, sneeze or even get up to fast I leak urine. NOT fun and I can't imagine how much worse it will get as this baby starts to put more pressure on my bladder!

So, as Christmas quickly approaches I can only hope to regain enough energy to finish up the shopping, clean the cobwebs off the ceiling fans before company arrives and try to remain "merry" for my brood of excited children.

Merry Christmas to all!!
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