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Week 11
~ Is it Over Yet?

Boy, am I happy to see the holidays wrap up this year! Now don't get me wrong, sharing in my children's excitement at Christmas is always the highlight of my year but the exhaustion this year was simply overwhelming. During my last minute trip to the shopping mall I had to take a 15 minute nap in the van before going in ... I was so tired that nothing was making sense anymore and emotions where running so high that even the sight of the overcrowded parking lot had me in tears! I can barely recall any of the details of Christmas morning/day except to say that the smell of the turkey wasn't as "cozy" as I remembered it to be in previous years and being barely able to keep myself in survival mode I totally forgot to get pictures or videos!

My mom and her husband did make it over for supper which was nice. I did manage to eat some mashed potatoes, asparagus and a touch of cranberries but couldn't even imagine tasting a sliver of pie or ice cream which has always been the highlight of my Christmas supper.

On the 27th we has a good old fashion maritime snow storm which dumped over a foot of snow on us and wiped out the power for over 22 hours! This old house wasn't built with energy efficiency in mind, and we were quickly chilled to the bone! We were able to keep a low fire burning in our wood furnace though which was just enough to keep the pipes from freezing. The children were bundled in layers and now I'm trying to make up for the extra laundry, but I'm happy to say we all survived and are all a little bit stronger for it.

On a high note, with the excitement of waiting for Santa over and new toys and games to keep them busy (not to mention a new layer of snow to build with) the children have been amazingly easy to get along with. I've even been able to sneak in short power naps during the afternoon ... a rare treat indeed!! I'm trying to keep it all on a positive note; my nausea is keeping the calories off, my emotions are making me a very cuddly mommy and the exhaustion is simply preparing me for the months of sleepless nights ahead, I can't wait ! My "baby bump" is now very obvious and I can't recall how many times I've heard the "it must be twins" remark, LOL ! Baby #9 is sure to leave its mark on this aging body, marks I wear proudly!

Until next week, take care!
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