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Week 12
~ Week 12 or Is it 13?

We went for our first ultrasound on December 31st just to have doubts placed in our minds about the baby's gestational age once again. This seems to happen with all of my pregnancies so I'm not surprised in the least. I guess we just grow them big in the country. The baby's measurements lead us to believe that I may be thirteen to thirteen and a half weeks along instead of twelve. The due date won't be changed until the next ultrasound in February, depending on the measurements at that time.

When we let nature take its course, and I deliver without induction, I have big babies . . . 9 lbs 1 oz, 8 lb 15 1/2 oz. The problems start when the baby measures large in the beginning, they change the gestational age, and then induce me at what they think is 38 weeks and the baby turns out to be a preemie (a good size preemie, 6 lbs 4 oz at 35 weeks). I really don't want the worry of this baby ending up in NICU if at all possible so I made my worries very clear. I trust that they'll be very careful when assessing the birth due date. Letting the birth happen naturally would be a difficult decision for me to make as we live approx 45 minutes from the hospital, my mom is well over an hour away (for child care) and Daniel can only take a week off which I prefer he takes from the delivery date to give me a chance to get back on my feet before taking on the troops solo. I deliver very quickly from the on-set of labour and don't want to risk giving birth in my van full of children, LOL!

Other than that, the baby (looking feminine but no guarantee just yet) is very active and healthy.

The kids and I did some Boxing Day shopping (clearance sales are a must when dressing this many people) and I couldn't resist picking up a few items at Baby Gap. Mostly neutral onesies but I did pick up an adorable NB sundress with panties; it was regularly $36 for $6 ... if the baby turns out to be a boy, I'll gift it to someone but if not, it's definitely the outfit for her first photo shoot.

I've been resting a lot more this week (at least to my standards) and am beginning to feel a little more like myself again. I have been having a lot of round ligament pains, especially when turning over in bed too quickly or handling heavy loads but nothing unbearable or surprising.

2011 holds the promise of so many exciting adventures for our family, and I'm sure it will fly by quickly so I'm enjoying every minute! Happy New Year everyone!!
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