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Week 13
~ Case of the Clumsies

I'm happy to say that I've survived week 13. I'm not sure if it's hormonal or just a coincidence but it seems that my family has always noticed that during the few days prior to my periods I always go through a clumsy stage. I'll drop things, trip over nothing, walk into door frames, etc ... Well, this phenomena seems to be reoccurring during the early stages of this pregnancy. It all started last Tuesday (my family will argue that it's been going on for several weeks) when we took the family out for a nice supper at a local pizza shop (thanks to some very appreciated Christmas gift cards). We had just barely been served our food when I reached over to help Bryson with his pizza and I managed to spill an entire pitcher of water on the table/floor (after I had repeatedly warned the children to be careful, of course), GROAN!! Luckily the food was spared and other than being a little embarrassed, we all managed to enjoy a very nice supper.

My husband and I drove home in separate vehicles as he had met us at the restaurant right after work, which was great since I could get the kids home while he stopped for a few necessities at the grocery store. As soon as I got the kids in I went to the basement to refill our wood furnace. As I was reaching for a log on the top of the pile I felt a sharp pain in my foot and tried to get out of harm's way ... well, I completely lost my balance and stepped right on a board with a 2" rusty nail sticking straight up! Luckily it was through a half inch board, and I was wearing sneakers so it only managed to go through my foot as far as the top layer of skin, it even left a nasty bruise on the top of my foot, OUCH!!! I didn't want to alarm the kids so I stumbled up the stairs but the kids quickly noticed the trail of blood, what a mess. I was worried about an infection affecting the baby so I called the 24 hour telecare nurses and was relieved to hear that as long as I had cleaned out the wound properly, I had about 72 hours to get myself seen and receive a tetanus shot. Luckily I had a prenatal appointment scheduled for Thursday morning. I took extra strength Acetaminophen every 4 hours and was surprised at the compassion shown by my children who catered to my every need for the following two days. They even did laundry and dishes (a nail in the foot isn't always such a bad thing)!

My pre-natal exam went well; the baby's heart rate was 155/per minute (definitely a girl), I lost 6 lbs which I could afford anyway, and my maternal serum test came back negative, YAY!! I did get the tetanus shot and the doctor remarked at just how badly bruised and swollen my poor foot was but no infection so no ill effect on the pregnancy, phew!

Other than that, not much to report. The kids are back in school after a much enjoyed 2 week break, the weather has been awesome for this time of year, and we're well into January and still no signs of a winter flu virus hitting home (knock on wood). As Bryson quickly approaches three years (in April) I have to prioritize potty training ASAP ... I always like to wait until about two and a half to save some aggravation but this pregnancy had me so tired and overwhelmed that I could barely think of my daily chores let alone adding to my misery. Come to think of it, if I train him before the baby gets here it will be the first time in nearly 15 years that I'm diaper free ... WOW, how weird will that be ?!!

I'm so happy to be feeling much better these past few days. I think I needed the break from the rigid school schedule more then the kids did. I've started to gain my appetite back and have acquired a strange craving for sushi, really ... it was so bad yesterday that I could feel the tension in my shoulders!

Until next week, here's hoping I can avoid further injury and simply keep enjoying the simple pleasures of an uncomplicated pregnancy!
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