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Week 14
~ Not Tonight, I Have a Headache ... Again

Not much new or exciting to report for week 14; it's been slow going and I'll be happy to see it over. I've been suffering from an awful headache for the most part of the week, only getting some slight relief with extra strength Acetaminophen and short naps. I'm assuming it's stress related as it stems from the base of my skull/neck and started early in the week when I had to have one of our Pigmy goat bucks euthanized.

When we moved here, just over a year ago, our farm suffered through a very rough period and after months of veterinary care and testing our herd of goats was diagnosed with two very serious and what will eventually be terminal viruses. From last year's breeding season we lost thirteen of our eighteen newborn goat kids which was financially devastating, and sadly, we've also lost six adults from the herd. The herd has since been deemed "pets". Most farmers would have "culled" off the herd and cut their losses but these goats are cherished family pets above all to us so we saved what we could and will continue to care for them until their symptoms keep them from enjoying any quality of life ... one day at a time I guess.

Other than the nagging headache, my nausea has all but ceased ... YAY ! I still can't stand the sight or smell of certain foods but at least I'm not scared to leave the house for fear of throwing up in public, LOL! It seems like I'm always hungry but can never find anything I desire to eat. I seem to crave dark green veggies like broccoli and spinach smothered in butter most days but my strangest craving yet (and I've been pregnant a few times, LOL) is definitely the sushi! With eight children and only one income our grocery bill certainly won't allow for me to indulge in this craving too often but when hubby comes home with that awesome tidbit I'm fully at his mercy, LOL!

My belly is growing steadily, and I'm already starting to feel slightly awkward at times. Rolling over in bed too quickly will wake me with sharp round ligament pains but overall I feel pretty good (other then this relentless headache, groan). I try to enjoy every moment and symptom regardless of the discomfort as I know all too well how quickly this pregnancy will pass and at forty years of age, this could well and likely be my last pregnancy journey . I suppose it's like any good book, you hate to put it down but at some point you have to close the cover.

We've finally begun painting our new home. When we purchased it, it had all been freshly done in white so with so many other things to get done, adding color wasn't on my list of priorities. Well, after a year of being here and a family of ten, three house dogs, a cat and some guinea pigs adding their "ambiance" to the place, it's time to cover our "tracks", LOL! I've chosen nice earthy tones to help cover and camouflage the multitudes of fingerprints, pet marks etc ... not to mention, compliment the beautiful, original antique hardwood floors. My goal is to have all 2300 sq/ft painted and cozy before the baby's arrival in early July, wish me luck!! On the bright side it should give me something to fill in those few boring, quiet moments between laundry, housework, homework (and of course, potty training) etc ... that I dread so much.

Until next week, here's hoping this cloud of a headache lifts off of my shoulders so I can enjoy the endless list of "to-dos" I need to get done ... bring on the nesting instinct!

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