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Week 15
~ Even Steven

Not much to report on the pregnancy front this week. In fact, it's been downright boring ... a good thing, right? I'm still not feeling much in the way of fetal movement. Once in a while I think I may be feeling a light flutter but I'm not completely convinced that it hasn't just been gas, LOL! I worry about my babies with every pregnancy and complain to my husband steady about these concerns so yesterday he convinced me to order a fetal monitor off of ebay. I guess it's a small price to pay for a peace of mind. Since my maternity serum test results for Bryson were positive I got a lot of extra monitoring and with that came peace of mind but with this pregnancy everything is just so "normal" I'm left with a lot more time to worry between monthly prenatal appointments. Besides, I also think it will be nice for the kids to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat and since the sounds can be recorded it will make for a nice keepsake.

Although I'm nearly at the half way point, this pregnancy just doesn't seem real yet. The early symptoms of nausea and lack of appetite have pretty much disappeared and my belly is definitely letting the world know that our family is still growing ... maybe I just need to take the time to let it all soak in.

January is always a difficult time of year for me. The lack of sunshine and being home bound 24 hours a day leaves me feeling exhausted and maybe even a little depressed. We live about 45 minutes from town so the gas consumption of my full size 2500 van won't allow me to take casual day trips not to mention someone has to be here to load our wood furnace during these bitter Atlantic Canadian cold snaps every 3-4 hours. Today the temperatures are -38'C; let's pray there isn't a power outage!

Today (January 24th) is our 14th wedding anniversary. Wow, how time flies!! I enjoy teasing hubby; when we met I was a single mom to my oldest son, Corey. I had been completely single for five years (not even dating) and tried my best to avoid all his attempts to woo me, only agreeing to our first date because he convinced me to bring my little guy to a well known provincial park. Little did he know that all his efforts were leading him to trading his carefree bachelor days in for a house full of glowing children and a barnyard full of critters (even though he hates animals, LOL)! The funniest part of the story ... when we were expecting our third child (which, at the time we thought would be our last) he resisted trading in his little sport coupe for a minivan so we settled for a cute station wagon ... now, we drive our own "day care bus" . As we snuggled last night we shared our thoughts and giggles but we both know we wouldn't change a thing; what an adventure it's been!

Well, I guess that's it for this week. Hopefully by next week the "flutters" will be a definite sign that things are going strong and make things seem a little more "real". I also have a prenatal exam scheduled as well as my second maternal serum test so I get to leave the house for the first time in two weeks, YAY!!

Bye for now,
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