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Week 16
~ Enjoying the Moment

Wow, writing a weekly pregnancy journal during "the slow months" can be tough! Nothing much to report on the pregnancy front. I did go for my second maternal serum test and was told that "no news is good news" so I guess all is well as it's been a week and no phone calls. I was suppose to get some errands taken care of on the day of the blood work but chose instead to enjoy the morning in the company of my two year old. He was so good during all of the waiting period at the hospital that I promised him we'd go out for brunch. The first words out of his mouth as I buckled him back into his car seat was "let's eat fries at McDonald's!" I really enjoyed our alone time as he babbled and told stories while munching away at his fries. I tend to forget how much I enjoy being a mom and these quiet moments mean so much to me. Always looking to tomorrow can sometimes make you miss just how special today can be.

I still haven't received my fetal heart monitor and while anxiously awaiting it I decided to go ahead and order a stroller (I LOVE on-line shopping). I've only gone through three strollers in my 20+ years of parenthood so I think I'm doing pretty good, LOL! I always stick by my Italian made brand which although may seem pricey proves itself in the many years of wear and abuse I put them through! Although our current stroller is still functioning strong, the cosmetic wear and tear of my last four children has left it a little "unsightly" and I tend to get embarrassed when having to use it in public, LOL. It's been through trips to the parks, beaches and wooded trails. Has had juice spilled it in, ketchup smeared on it and muddy boots climbed into it more times then I care to count ... not to mention countless hours in our barn while I tended to chores etc ... (ewww). Let's face it, there's only so much soap and Febreeze can do! So I bit the bullet, found an older model (still brand new) at a discount price and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. My husband's question ... "why spend that amount of money on our last baby"? Hummm, maybe I'm thinking there could be room for yet another addition in the near future ... wouldn't want to see a brand new stroller go to waste. I can't say I'm going overboard though, other than the stroller and the need for a new infant car seat (which I replace for every child) I have all that I need. We had bought a new crib for Bryson which he never used (co-sleeps) and I still have all of the other baby basics we have collected and replaced throughout our many childbearing years. I don't keep much baby clothes on hand after each child as I really enjoy shopping the discount bins and we always receive so many gifts and hand-me-downs from friends and family that a baby could never wear it all before out growing it!

The house painting chores are going strong; I really love the colors we've chosen. Coming into this century old house with its cozy tones makes me dream of the day we'll be walking through the door with our brand new baby. People laugh at my excitement as though I should somehow have become neutral to new babies arriving by now but somehow knowing what to expect makes it that much more exciting to me. Little Bryson is becoming more aware of my growing belly and uses caution when climbing onto my lap, says "baby's sleeping in there, shhh" ... too cute!!

I have another pre-natal exam scheduled for Thursday (the day after I turn 17 weeks) which I was looking forward to both for the peace of mind and again, for the chance to get out of the house but it looks as though I may need to re-schedule. We have yet another major snow storm moving in tomorrow (groan). It's been a weekly occurrence here; the kids have yet to put in a full week of school since they resumed classes after the holidays. As much as I adore spending time with my children, January is a tough time to keep such a large clan entertained indoors, especially without cable TV!

Well, I guess that's it for now. Here's hoping the storm somehow bi-passes us and I get to hear the reassuring sound of this little one's precious heartbeat on Thursday or at least feel some type of movement!

Editor's Note ~ Two days after submitting this entry, Nicole learned that her baby had died at just over 16 weeks. They received the results from their second maternal serum test which was grossly positive for a trisomy disorder. The baby's death was confirmed via ultrasoun and an amniocentesis was performed in hopes of determining what was wrong.

Our prayers and love go out to Nicole and her family during this difficult time. Losing a baby is such a heartwrenching experience.

Much love Nicole ~ we're thinking of you and your sweet little one. ~ Maribeth

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