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Week 9
~ First Prenatal Exam

I've decided to write this week's journal a little early because quite frankly it's the only time I'll have to sit down all week! We all know how busy life gets for any family during the holiday season, now combine that with a family with eight children, farm chores, public school holiday curriculum and first trimester symptoms, and you now have mayhem!

I went for my first pre-natal exam last Tuesday and am happy to announce that everything is looking great thus far, that was the upside of the appointment . . . I arrived five minutes early to ensure a quick and simple check up as my husband had to leave work to watch Bryson, and I didn't want him to miss too much time. My doctor's nurse was THRILLED to see me to say the least; I've been with this doctor since my early childhood so we have an unmistakable bond. After hugs and congratulations, I was informed that the new interns were "SOOO thrilled" to be able to meet me and have a chance to examine such a "seasoned" mom. I couldn't help but shudder at the sound of intern, mainly due to my experience with the paramedic trainees during Bryson's birth. Don't get me wrong, I know how important education is, especially in such important fields, but I really just wanted to get through this first appointment as quickly and painlessly as possible. I managed to smile and tried not to let it get to me. It started with the usual "disrobe from the waist down" routine, so there I sat covered in a paper sheet and the wait began ... I sat, feeling cold and uncomfortable (to say the least) for just over an hour! Turns out the intern was held back at the hospital longer than anticipated (yay), so after some heartfelt apologies the appointment began. As interns, they need to be very thorough and "by the book" so I braced myself, even though by this time my full bladder was making it difficult to remain composed (and after eight natural childbirths, a sneeze could potentially open the flood gates).

We went through EVERY previous pregnancy, birth dates/weights, deliveries etc, etc . . . with a fine tooth comb for over a half hour (although my files were on hand and every pregnancy text book, natural, ARG!). Then came the issue of my age; turns out when you're over 40 years old they invent several new tests to put you through, LOL! I was refereed to an OBGYN and should be receiving a call for my first trimester screening/ultrasound any time. The internal exam went well, apparently I have a very healthy looking cervix, perfect blood pressure and heart rate so other then a little protein in my urine, all is reassuring (it was still too early for a fetal heartbeat). Total time lapse, 2 hours and 15 minutes thus far. We then go through all the necessary tests to be done this week and proper procedure for EACH ONE (fasting, proper voiding etc . . . please remember that I've "been there-done that" MANY times!). By the time I finally emerged from the exam room my 2 year old was practically climbing the walls and daddy was looking a little anxious seeing that he'd only booked out an hour from his schedule (he's a technician). Total time lapse, nearly 3 hours!!

Now on a good note, my nausea seems to be easing up this week and although the urge for an afternoon nap still overwhelms me every day I have been able to keep going with high holiday spirits. Only 12 days left until Christmas . . . still not done my tight budget shopping, three school Christmas concerts left to attend, blood tests, ultrasound and our van needs to get in for its 6 month commercial vehicle inspection before the end of the month (and a trip to the DMV to renew my expired registration) . . . NO PROBLEM, just living my dream and loving every minute of it!!

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